Who we are

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Unllais is a development, information and training agency. We provide support to the voluntary sector, service users and carer organisations working in the field of mental health in North Wales. Through partnerships we seek to promote good practice in the planning, provision and monitoring of mental health services.

Consultancy & Development
Unllais` Development Officers provide a free consultancy and development service for new projects, or for those who are facing new challenges.

Joint Planning & Monitoring of services
Unllais provides information on getting involved in planning local services and ways to review and monitor mental health services.

Information and publications
Comprehensive  information on mental health issues is available through the Information  service. The quarterly newsletter, the North Wales Mental Health News, provides  the latest news on mental health services throughout North Wales. Our website  www.unllais.co.uk includes a database of services across the region,  information and links to other web resources.

Involvement and Participation
As  well as facilitating the North Wales User Network and supporting other user and  carer forums, Unllais employs service user and carer involvement workers across  North Wales.These workers support service users and carers in becoming involved  in the planning, development and monitoring of mental health services.

Our Policies

Equal Opportunities
We believe that no one should suffer disadvantage because of their race, nationality, ethnic origin, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation – this list is not exhaustive. We are committed to making sure there is no discrimination of any kind in our management, employment practices or services.

Unllais recognises the equal status and importance of both the Welsh and English languages in North Wales and that some individuals have other language requirements.

Unllais believes that everyone who uses our services has the right to confidentiality. We have systems in place to make sure all
information of a confidential nature is respected and protected.

Suggestions and Complaints
Unllais values the comments and opinions of people and organisations who use our services. Let us know if you are pleased with our services or if you have any suggestions about how they could be improved.

These are summaries of our policies. Full copies can be obtained from any Unllais office.